Questions to ask before accepting a tech job offer


November 13, 2020

Don’t ask any questions during your job interview and you are doomed. Days packed with calls, vague tasks descriptions, bureaucratic release process and micro-management — I’ve seen all of these.

The more you know the company, the less likely you will be negatively surprised later. It can be a dealbreaker if company values or views contradict yours.

“Spend more time making the big decisions. There are basically three really big decisions you make in your early life: where you live, who you’re with, and what you do.” — Naval Ravikant

Here I’m trying to collect all the useful questions grouped by different areas. Feel free to pick the ones that resonate with you.

Work Process

  • What is the entire process for a one line change in code to make it to production?
  • How many calls do developers have each week on average?
  • Do you favor async communication over calls?
  • Do you allow hours for deep work (being offline)?
  • What tools the team is using for task management?
  • How the invoicing process is organized?
  • Is there time to do side work and research?
  • Any required time overlap?
  • Do they use time trackers?

Team & Technology

  • Can I see an example of a task (description, spec, etc)?
  • How do you deploy features and who is responsible for that?
  • Do you have a release schedule or continuous delivery?
  • What is your approach for tests (pyramid testing)?
  • What technology stack do you use (with versions)?


  • Are there performance reviews, 1-on-1s, etc?
  • Are there any employee benefits?
  • What is the pay raise process?


  • What are the near plans for the company: acquisition, IPO, investments?
  • How many clients does the company have?
  • Why the position has opened up?

Am I missing an important question? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks to Fyodor Ivanischev and Mario Perez for helping with this list.

Anton Mironov

Written by Anton Mironov.
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